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Why Doctors Recommend The Martial Arts Center for Health

Jennifer G, MD ~ As a student at the Martial Arts Center for Health, I am able to appreciate the benefits from both a personal and a professional perspective. As a patient who most physicians have essentially told they could do nothing more to help, I had become very frustrated and exhausted from daily chronic pain. Since starting my training I have noticed a significant improvement in both my overall physical strength and emotional well being. As a physician, I ask patients everyday to remove stress from their life and become more physically active—many frequently not having a clear “prescription” or plan that will fit their busy schedules or match their physical capabilities. The Martial Arts Center for Health is a place where I can refer my patients and know they will leave both physically and psychologically better than when they started.

Free Private Introductory Lesson

We invite you to try a Free Private Introductory Lesson followed by a demonstration. Come and see why many of our members stay with us for 5, 10, even 15 years and longer. Come and age gracefully with us and enjoy life. Separate classes for kids and adults. Call today to schedule an appointment. 407-774-1186

27 Years In Business

The Martial Arts Center for Health has been teaching Tai Chi, Kung Fu Bagua and Qigong for 27 years. All movements are tailored to match each persons individual needs so benefits can be received without damaging the body. No experience is necessary. Call today to see how we can help you.