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Exciting Announcement

After 29 years in Altamonte Springs, we are moving to Orlando! After years of searching for the perfect location, we have found it. It's a beautiful space with easy access from all of Central Florida and a free parking garage attached. As of July 1st, our new address will be 2902 North Orange Ave, Ste. F. Orlando, FL 32804. We are excited to continue sharing this knowledge in Orlando.

Free Private Introductory Lesson

You've heard about the wonderful health benefits of tai chi and qigong, now experience them for yourself. No experience is necessary and all movement is modified to match your body. We help a wide range of people including mature adults with many body concerns to competitive athletes looking to get an edge on the competition and everything in between. Call today to receive more information or to schedule a free private introductory lesson. 407-774-1186

Doctors Recommend the Martial Arts Center for Health

My name is Laura Rampil and I am a physician who specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. I feel the Martial Arts Center for Health makes healthier people who need my services less. I wish more of my patients would reap the benefits of what they have to offer. Click below to read the full testimonial.