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Doctors Recommend the Martial Arts Center for Health

My name is Laura Rampil and I am a physician who specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. I’m a 55 year old woman who has trained at the Martial Arts Center for Health for 10 years. Initially I went to support a dear friend... I couldn’t believe what this 51 year old woman could do. After talking with the instructors I felt this might be a place I could start to return to my body. In my 40’s I started to go to MACH classes. This was one year after a back surgery. Within a year my back could meet every challenge given, in or out of the Martial Arts Center for Health. I went from having osteopenia (weak bones) to having above normal bone density. It is the perfect stress release. I hear positive encouragement to be strong, focused and relaxed in my body. I feel better about myself than I ever have before no matter what activities I have tried in the past. I feel the martial arts training makes healthier people who need my services less. This is a great gift. I wish more of my patients would reap the benefits of what the Martial Arts Center for Health has to offer. Click below to read the full testimonial.

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Martial Arts Center for Health gift cards are a perfect gift to give or receive. They make great gifts for friends, family and coworkers. Life is much more fun when we feel good in our body. Gift cards can be used toward any of the services and products we offer including; Online Private Lessons; Private Lessons in Person; Class Tuition; Workshops; Seminars; Clothing. Purchasing a gift card is FUN and EASY. All you have to do is click the button below, choose the pre-made decoration you like most and then you have the option to print or email the certificate for the lucky recipient. If you prefer, you can call us and we can take care of it over the phone. Nothing feels better than hearing a heart-felt thank you from someone you have introduced to the Martial Arts Center for Health and the profound impact is has on their life and their family's. Students, when your loved ones ask what then get for you, this is a great option. See what it is like to get one on one attention in a private lesson or use it to purchase any of our other offerings. Gift cards can be purchased for any amount. Click the button below or call 407-774-1186

27 Years In Business

The Martial Arts Center for Health has been teaching Tai Chi, Kung Fu Bagua and Qigong for 27 years. All instructors have been with the Martial Arts Center for Health for 16 years or longer and are trained to help you become healthier through time tested movement. This is a very safe and professional environment where all movements are tailored to match each person's individual needs so benefits can be received without damaging the body. Whether you are looking to take group classes, receive individual attention through private lessons in person or online, or receive life changing knowledge through our workshops and seminars, we have a place for you. No experience is necessary. Call today to schedule a Free Private Introductory Lesson followed by a demonstration. 407-774-1186