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MACH is a great place to develop overall physical conditioning, balance, coordination, endurance and mental focus. The instructors meet with each student individually to determine their goals and learn about any physical limitations or conditions a student may have. MACH is a friendly, non-competitive school where the focus is directed at health. The owners, Thomas and Eva Curtin have created a beautiful space where anyone who is willing, regardless of their age or physical condition, can improve their health and have fun doing it. The roots of the martial arts traditions are respected yet facilitated for the 21st century. As an older student (age 57) who has never participated in martial arts I was concerned about my ability to do well but with the patience and encouragement of the instructors I have made excellent progress. Each week at MACH is new adventure and I’m never bored as the program is always changing. The instructors strive to educate the students about the forms they are learning so classes at MACH aren’t just about physical development but also a learning opportunity. They’re always offering to help students with any questions they may have and know how to help students move past their comfort zones in a safe manner. At the time I enrolled in MACH I had either stopped or greatly reduced the activities I had enjoyed in the past, including bike riding, hiking, swimming and landscaping due to joint pain I was experiencing and lack of endurance. I’m now back to doing the things I enjoy and don’t suffer from joint pain. Not only has my overall physical condition improved but I feel more confidence in my ability to take on new challenges.

Mike Maldonado

I am a relatively new member of MACH, but I can already see remarkable changes in both my body and my ability to handle stress. The students and the instructors at MACH are so civil, thoughtful and kind that I quickly gave up competitiveness and self-judgment and surrendered to the exhilaration of surprisingly gentle yet challenging motion.  I have spent years doing (and overdoing) yoga,weights, running, tennis, and even biking. Kung Fu and Tai Chi represented a strange environment for me, one I suspected I would tire of quickly. Instead the community is so dedicated to your health and encouragement that, far from finding it either exotic or imposing, you will relax into its rhythms and wonder why you didn’t do this before.

Steve S.

Before finding this place my only stress reliever and weight control was the gym. There was a point that I hit a wall and did a personal trainer for a year and half then I hit another wall. My neighbor told me about this place and I FOUND GOLD! I’ve been coming here for  years now and have found a new place I call home. My initial goals were to control my weight and stress. I found that and so much more here! The instructors and the people who come here make the school special. If you’re looking for a new exercise routine or rehabilitating back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, or suffer from other health issues you can find an alternative solution here. Really recommend giving this place a shot. Ask for any of the instructors and they will take care of you!

Javier Y.

I LOVE this place! Great students, instructers, owners, Just people in general. Started going there after a nasty car accident. Its the only thing that makes me feel better, while loosing weight, staying fit and healthy. They’ve changed my life!

April S.