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Nothing short of amazing!! MACH has sincerely changed my life. It has been the absolute BEST investment I have ever made. When I came to MACH, I just moved to the area from Atlanta. The transition to Florida was difficult, however, being a part of this place made it much better.
I was not in a good place mentally, as I lost a dear family member around this time and I was physically, a worn down college athlete, with three major knee reconstruction surgeries. At only 30, I felt very hopeless in my ability to change things around, both mental and physical. What a time to find this awesome place!
The instructors are absolutely wonderful. They give so much support and confidence to every student. It feels so good to be in the presence of others who have taken the step to better their lives and the energies within them. It is so effective, I’ve begun to implement positive changes to my overall life as well as my body.
It is 100 percent, I’d almost say, the best physical therapy I’ve ever had. Not only has this place and it’s instructor’s shown me what mental and physical focus I was capable of, but what I would eventually achieve in that focus as well.
It’s never too early, it’s never too late to make great changes for your life. I couldn’t recommend a better way to start than here! Every class is a great workout of the body and mental focus. Scott and Eva are awesome instructors!! They work with everyone and have such a great energy. Thank you MACH, and to ALL instructors. A long physical /mental journey to go, but I am enjoyong everything along the way with you guys!

Samantha Oneal

This is one of the best places in the United States to achieve overall health in mind and body. I’m in my early 20’s dealing with depression and anxiety, coming here everyday for 90 days was the best treatment I could have ever received. I’ve since moved around from Georgia to New York and can’t find a place like it. The environment, the staff, and teaching is priceless. I recommend and highly encourage all my friends, family, and even strangers in Central Florida to join and watch as practicing here at the Martial Arts Center for health will change your life for the better.

T. Ramos

The Martial Arts Center for Health has been a life changer for my wife and me. When we started a couple of years ago we were both at a high stress level, not in the best of health and overweight. Our first visit was simply out of curiosity without any intention of joining. We took the free lesson and found that our curiosity had morphed into a desire to give this a try. We committed to 3 months with the understanding between the two of us that if we didn’t notice any real changes that we could just walk away. We knew we needed a little help to get our health on track but what we didn’t anticipate is that we got a LOT of help!

The benefits we have seen in the time we have been with Martial Arts Center for Health (MACH) include but are not limited to; weight loss, much improved cardiovascular endurance and noticeable increase in strength. In addition to the physical improvements, we also noticed a reduction in stress levels, improved confidence (that actually shows through success in our business affairs) and we have even been able to get off of medications that we had been on for years. When your doctor asks you; “What are you doing in your life that is causing these dramatic changes?” you know that you have found something that you want to stick with.

The owners, instructors and fellow students at MACH, we now consider ‘family’. There is no feeling of competition because the energy of support among us all is genuine. EVERYONE feels comfortable at their level and each person is taught to listen to their body as we go through the movements. The stories that are shared are amazing. Some have a history that would have kept a body down for life; broken backs, knee and hip surgeries, severe heart conditions and other debilitating illnesses.

We strongly recommend Martial Arts Center for Health to everyone we know and those who know us long enough are convinced because of the obvious changes in us. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We are now committed for life!

Warren Bonett

MACH is a great place to develop overall physical conditioning, balance, coordination, endurance and mental focus. The instructors meet with each student individually to determine their goals and learn about any physical limitations or conditions a student may have. MACH is a friendly, non-competitive school where the focus is directed at health. The owners, Thomas and Eva Curtin have created a beautiful space where anyone who is willing, regardless of their age or physical condition, can improve their health and have fun doing it. The roots of the martial arts traditions are respected yet facilitated for the 21st century. As an older student (age 57) who has never participated in martial arts I was concerned about my ability to do well but with the patience and encouragement of the instructors I have made excellent progress. Each week at MACH is new adventure and I’m never bored as the program is always changing. The instructors strive to educate the students about the forms they are learning so classes at MACH aren’t just about physical development but also a learning opportunity. They’re always offering to help students with any questions they may have and know how to help students move past their comfort zones in a safe manner. At the time I enrolled in MACH I had either stopped or greatly reduced the activities I had enjoyed in the past, including bike riding, hiking, swimming and landscaping due to joint pain I was experiencing and lack of endurance. I’m now back to doing the things I enjoy and don’t suffer from joint pain. Not only has my overall physical condition improved but I feel more confidence in my ability to take on new challenges.

Mike Maldonado