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Before finding this place my only stress reliever and weight control was the gym. There was a point that I hit a wall and did a personal trainer for a year and half then I hit another wall. My neighbor told me about this place and I FOUND GOLD! I’ve been coming here for ¬†years now and have found a new place I call home. My initial goals were to control my weight and stress. I found that and so much more here! The instructors and the people who come here make the school special. If you’re looking for a new exercise routine or rehabilitating back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, or suffer from other health issues you can find an alternative solution here. Really recommend giving this place a shot. Ask for any of the instructors and they will take care of you!

Javier Y.

I LOVE this place! Great students, instructers, owners, Just people in general. Started going there after a nasty car accident. Its the only thing that makes me feel better, while loosing weight, staying fit and healthy. They’ve changed my life!

April S.

This center is not the common place. It is of fostering, patience, encouragement, growth, challenges and amazing people who support one another. You are not just another student, you are a precious project with your own unique abilities where our instructors formulate the best pathway for each individual. It is not an exaggeration to say this place is the springboard for all of my life’s challenges. My saving grace beyond the importance of meditation. They take it to new heights. My mind and body have been introduced to each other as if they never met. It’s beautiful. Thank you MACH!

Sandy Esteves

I have tried many exercise programs, joined gyms and health clubs and always have lost interest. This is my home away from home. New friends just like a family. Very caring and supportive instructors who really take the time to explain and work with us, as well as encouraging us to feel better, do better and never judgmental. The center is very comfortable and friendly. My husband who is 78 and I am 67 just joined 6 months ago and am finding a difference in our lives. We feel better, less achy and we just started this program. We expect to be doing this for a very long time and encourage anyone who wants to feel better and be healthier to call. Do it for yourself.

Joanne Reynolds