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David Link

Four years ago I was pondering the thought of my son moving up from the Cub Scouts into the Boy Scouts and how I would be able to keep up with him. I was overweight at 277 lbs. and in poor physical condition. A knee injury in the past had affected my posture causing me pain in my back and an inability to jog or run. With that in mind I recalled 25 years ago the training I did in martial arts. I enjoyed the exercise and discipline however, I was looking for more. I was looking for a place that would not teach these techniques in a combat environment but rather an environment that would foster balance with mind and body to provide good health.

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“After an exhaustive search I found a school that was a perfect fit, The Martial Arts Center for Health”
David Link
Laura Rampil, DO

My name is Laura Rampil and I am a physician who specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. I’m a 55 year old woman who has trained at the Martial Arts Center for Health for 10 years. Initially I went to support a dear friend who was undertaking the challenge of first degree black belt. I couldn’t believe what this 51 year old woman could do. After talking with the instructors I felt this might be a place I could start to return to my body.
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“I went from having osteopenia (weak bones) to having above normal bone density..”
Laura Rampil - Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Patricia Seykora AP, Dipl Ac, DOM

In the five years I’ve been training with the Martial Arts Center for Health I have lost thirty pounds, gained balance, strength and endurance. This has really helped me in my practice. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I do a lot of specialized hands-on treatment to adjust the patient’s body. It’s physical work and now I find that I practice without feeling limited in how I am able to treat them, even seeing more patients and I don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day.
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“In the five years I’ve been training with the Martial Arts Center for Health I have lost thirty pounds…”
Patricia Seykora - Specializing in Japanese Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy
Jennifer G, MD

As a student at the Martial Arts Center for Health, I am able to appreciate the benefits from both a personal and a professional perspective. As a patient who most physicians have essentially told they could do nothing more to help, I had become very frustrated and exhausted from daily chronic pain.
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“MACH is a place where I can refer my patients and know they will leave both physically and psychologically better”
Jennifer G, MD - Family Physician