Miri Houison

I am beyond excited! Tomorrow I will be evaluating for my second degree black belt and I wanted to share a couple of things that I’ve discovered about myself. After 7 years of training at the Martial Arts Center for Health, I am still learning things about my body. As a child I could never sit cross legged and I put it down to being inflexible. Not so. I discovered last year that my L5 and S1 in my spine were fused since birth.
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“A few weeks ago, my doctor re ran that same test and I was told that I am no longer losing bone mineral (yaay!)…”
Miri Houison - Singer
Karen Ong

I trained at the Martial Arts Center for Health from 2000-2002 as a teenager (starting right before the move to the current location.) Even though I had to move away for college and graduate school, the lessons I learned in those two years have helped me for the rest of my life. The principles of mindfulness and noncompetitive self improvement have helped improve every discipline I have attempted since then including both academic and physical pursuits. I have tried to bring the same mentality and mindful awareness to every discipline of movement I have attempted since, from running to swimming, biking or dance lessons.

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“I love you all and am very grateful for everything I’ve learned at the Martial Arts Center for Health….”
Karen Ong
Clara Calderon

Clara Calderon is a wife, mother of two, breast cancer survivor and martial arts practitioner. Her husband Dave Calderon joined the Martial Arts Center for Health and began to receive amazing health benefits. Clara witnessed these changes in her husband and made the decision to join MACH shortly after.
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“Clara had been training for about a year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer….”
Clara Calderon - A wife, mother of two, breast cancer survivor