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I have been attending the Martial Arts Center for Health for 4 months now and I love it! The approach is truly centered on health. I have been a dancer/choreographer since I was 8 years old, (42 years) and I was looking for something to transition to at this stage in my life when I need to be careful not to be injured and still maintain an active lifestyle. I am happy to have found a movement practice that is so aligned with health. The movement/exercises/forms that we learn help improve strength, flexibility and clearness of mind and focus. The martial arts forms (Chi Gung, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, etc) are inherently good for the body and include practices that improve health from the inside out, including memory, breath, strength and flexibility. I love the incorporation of hands and eyes in some of the forms as well – nothing is left forgotten. And the added bonus is that we are learning self-defense techniques along the way!

The instructors are kind, knowledgeable and clearly have an interest in preventing injury and helping each person progress individually at their own level and pace. Another aspect I appreciate is that there are people of all ages, sizes and abilities who attend the classes there. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and encouraging with one another; and the center is a beautiful environment to be in.

You are given an initial free private consultation that allows you to try movement with an instructor one-on-one and if you decide to join, you are able to attend as many classes as you’d like for a monthly fee. But the one-on-one assistance from the instructors does not end there … they are available for help before and after classes and they schedule short private appointments with each person regularly to check in, help you with movement and address any particular concerns.
Whether your focus is self-defense or improving your health, the MACH is a perfect fit! I highly recommend it!

Smruti Jani

My daughter and I started going to the MACH back in July 2017. We both had gained a lot of flexibility, balance, strength and gained a lot of confidence. We enjoined being around the staff and students. No more shoulder blade pains, and we are looking forward to go to our class in daily basis. I was looking for a place like this free of judgments and where everybody is at the own level…

Lilly Useche

The community at Martial Arts Center for Health (MACH) is inspiring. There are students of all ages, walks of life, and levels of skill. The instructors are a very supportive and encouraging team. I have never once felt like I’ve been talked down to or treated differently because I’m not as good as others. The environment is peaceful and the positive energy envelopes anyone who enters. Every success is celebrated and other students are supportive in your quest to improve. Unlike going to a traditional gym the workouts at MACH are gentle to the body but produce amazing results including an increase in strength, balance, and concentration. If traditional gyms have not worked for you MACH may be the alternative you are looking for.

Lynn Wagner

It is difficult for me to adequately describe how much of a positive impact the Martial Arts Center for Health has had on my life. About 18 months ago, I had surgery on my knee to repair a torn ACL and meniscus. I struggled with my recovery despite going to physical therapy. I found myself having great difficulty walking up and down stairs. I could not walk for fun any more and I would often be completely unable to walk without severe pain after a work shift.

In January, I joined the Martial Arts Center for Health to try to get my life back. Since the first day, I have felt welcomed by both the instructors and the other students. The classes are challenging but fun and rewarding. And, this past week, I was able to climb 115 feet worth of stairs to reach the top of the Mayan temple pictured. I would never have been able to do this without the help of my instructors. I have no doubt that they will be able to help me reach any goal I set for myself!

Jennifer Hamilton