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It has only been 5 days and I already love this place! I finally found a place that I am motivated to get to instead of dreading or forcing myself to go to! On the contrary, I don’t want to miss a day! Thank you MACH!

Charlotte P

I highly recommend Martial Arts Center for Health! We recently attended their self-defense class and learned so much. My sister and two nieces were so happy that they could attend.

Wendy F

I am so happy to discover MACH. Its the best find of my life!! I’m recovering from a serious injury to my back, SI joint, & tailbone. The private lessons are the biggest turning point in my recovery. Every movement is tailored just for me. For the first time in a long time, I feel capable in my body. In 5 lessons, the stuff I’m doing… I can’t believe it! The progress blows my mind. Recommend them? Hell YES!!!

Emily Green

Thanks for the great instruction and support that you are offering through the Martial Arts Center for Health. It truly has changed my life and has given me better health, better focus, more confidence, and a place to feel comfortable and take care of my health.

Tim Hinton