ONE Mind ~ Body ~ Life


This place has changed my life! This is not a fight club – this school is unique!. The instructors are highly skilled, yet so caring about each and every one of their students. I was a late starter, yet in the 7 years since I first joined the school, I have gained so much confidence, my body is far stronger, I’m in much better physical shape than I was 20 years ago and to top it all, my husband and I have met some amazing people who have become life long friends.
This is the placed to be if you have weight issues, confidence issues or like so many out there, experiencing life’s challenges

Miriam Houison

I have been training at the Martial Arts Center for Health for almost three years now. This place has become like family to me. The instructors and students are all great and welcome you with open arms. I have never seen a Martial Arts Center of this kind. They care about YOU! The instructors become one with the student. They keep reminding you of the goals you set and push you to reach that level.

Vijay Gopani

My daughter passed away on March 7th. She knew that I have always wanted to do Tai Chi. After her passing I was going through some papers and found a book I had bought some time ago on Tia Chi. Then, on my way to work one day, I finally noticed your sign on the building and went in.  I scheduled an hour class and was hooked and invited two of my friends to join me. I feel like my daughter led me to you all and I feel so much stronger and better able to handle her death and life itself. Thank you for the wonderful instructors and how they are so kind and encouraging. I truly feel like I’m in a safe place there.

Thank you again.

Jackie W.

Jackie W.

I was looking through some old pics and I wore the same shirt for Christmas last year, so I put the pictures side to side and it really surprised me. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like I haven’t made progress or think about how far I still have to go. But this is the first time I’ve been able to see the change in myself. I was in a bad place this time last year. I still have a long way to go but for the first time in so many years I feel like I’m facing this coming year moving FORWARD and not BACKWARD. MACH has played a big role in this shift and I’m so grateful!

This is the first time I’ve been able to see the change in myself…