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Relax and Destress through Qi Gong at the Martial Arts Center for Health in the Altamonte/Orlando Area

Feel better about life through Qi Gong at the Martial Arts Center for Health. This ancient practice is a use of coordinated moving, posture, and breathing to promote health, wellness, and happiness. Since life is filled with stresses and worry, take 45 minutes to just focus on yourself and breathe correctly.

Qi Gong means “Energy skill or exercise”

Likewise, there are no negative side effects, and it’s been proven to be able to help take pain away. A lot of people, after practicing Qi Gong, feel how their energy has increased and their state of health has become vibrant. Many believe that it has a powerful impact on the spirit, and consider it in-line with healing and martial arts. The Martial Arts Center for Health offers a free Qi Gong Class every Friday, but it’s also implemented into the curriculum.

The meridians are like an electrical circuit, and Chi (Energy) is the electricity.
It helps to build the immune system, and reduce stress. It calms the mind, relaxes the body, and therefore lifts the spirit. Qi Gong helps you to build a connection to your mind, body, and spirit through simple movement and breathing that anyone can learn. Energy is used for muscle, to keep the organs functioning, and when the energy gets stagnant it becomes toxic. Qi gong helps to get rid of this toxicity in the body.

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