ONE Mind ~ Body ~ Life

30th Anniversary

June 15, 1992 the Martial Arts Center for Health opened its doors in Central Florida! We are happy to be celebrating 30 years serving our community. Join us in fall 2022 for the Grand Opening celebration of our new Orlando location.

Fall Kids Program Enrolling...

Enrolling for our Fall Kids Program very soon! Help your child stay active and healthy at the Martial Arts Center for Health. They will have fun learning beneficial movements, all of which have health benefits and self-defense applications. Your child will learn basic anatomy in an interesting way such as how many bones in the foot, the function of the nervous system, etc... This will help them have a greater physical connection and understand of their body. The healthy habits they develop now along with the knowledge they will receive about how to care for their mind and body will serve them the rest of their life. Many of our adult and doctor members comment that they wish they had this as a child and how it would have improved their life. Separate Kids and Adult classes. Call us today for more information.

Fall Beach Seminar October 2nd

Join us, bring your friends and meet new friends during an unforgettable experience. This is the perfect time to rejuvenate in nature with healthy movements and a wonderful group of people. Tai Chi & Qigong - Introductory Program & Guests Tai Su - This is a tai chi movement that is normally only taught after reaching a black belt at the Martial Arts Center for Health. Complete Health Program 1st-6th sections will go through this form. Single Tornado Tiger Broadsword - 1st & 2nd Degree students. Double Tornado Tiger Broadsword - 3rd Degree students. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to the Martial Arts Center for Health. This seminar will accelerate the development of current Martial Arts Center for Health students. Space is limited, sign up today. This event is available for students and guests. No experience necessary