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I went to my primary care doctor yesterday for a 90 day blood test and check up. He was impressed with the blood work results. Especially the kidney function numbers along with me having the lowest cholesterol and triglycerides in 17 years. He was impressed and I was 199 pounds down from 221 from when I started. I am excited and psyched and looking forward to practicing between now and our next session and I look forward to our next session. I feel like I’m aging in reverse. Thank you for your time each week and your patience. You are amazing and awesome.
Age 68, Business Owner 
Marc G
I have been going to the Martial Arts Center for Health (MACH) since September of 2014.  I have experienced significant changes physically and mentally during that time.  Never is that so apparent to me then when I am injured or sick.  Recently I, like so many others, contracted Covid-19.  My nearly two week ordeal left me listless, with respiratory issues and a lingering cough.  Here is where the owner and instructors separate themselves from other martial arts schools, gyms, personal trainers or anyone else in the “health industry”.   I was asked to consider taking private lessons for a period of time in order to properly focus on my recuperation.  My first thought was, “wouldn’t just coming back to class be adequate recuperation?” and then I realized that the answer was No. The reason being I had specific issues that had to be specifically addressed with correct breathing techniques called Qi Gong and correct movements and maybe even more importantly, the correct amount of those movements.  I accepted the offer because I wanted to regain my health.  During that time,  I focused on what I was being taught and was consistent with my exercises.  My improvement was obvious to both me and to the instructor.  Even after my series of private lessons ended, I continued with my specific routine because it worked so well that I didn’t want to stop.  Bottom line is, even after almost 8 years of attending the Martial Arts Center for Health, I am always surprised at the depth of knowledge that exists there.  It comes to you as needed and when you are ready to receive it.  I recommend anyone looking for a special place to get healthy, learn, be around positive people and never be bored to consider coming in to the Martial Arts Center for Health.   It is not hyperbolic to say my life changed for the better when I became a student. 
Age 57, Broker-Associate, REALTOR
Warren Bonett
As a student at the Martial Arts Center for Health, I am able to appreciate the benefits from both a personal and a professional perspective. As a patient who most physicians have essentially told they could do nothing more to help, I had become very frustrated and exhausted from daily chronic pain.
Since starting my training I have noticed a significant improvement in both my overall physical strength and emotional well being. As a physician, I ask patients everyday to remove stress from their life and become more physically active—many frequently not having a clear “prescription” or plan that will fit their busy schedules or match their physical capabilities. The Martial Arts Center for Health is a place where I can refer my patients and know they will leave both physically and psychologically better than when they started.
Jennifer G. MD

My name is Laura Rampil and I am a physician who specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. I’m a 55 year old woman who has trained at the Martial Arts Center for Health for 10 years. Initially I went to support a dear friend who was undertaking the challenge of first degree black belt. I couldn’t believe what this 51 year old woman could do. After talking with the instructors I felt this might be a place I could start to return to my body.
I wasn’t the most athletic kid but I did love to hike, ice skate and snow ski. I tried the gym, roller blading, swimming, biking but would always get board. In my 40’s I started to go to MACH classes. This was one year after a back surgery. I always felt like I got individual attention and the instructors helped modify what we were doing to help my back get strong and not hurt. Within a year my back could meet every challenge given, in or out of the school.” “Over the years I’ve been at the school, the instructors helped me through a couple of injuries and medical conditions. I feel like the help I got was a wonderful continuation of what traditional, alternative and physical therapy could offer. If I was honest with them, they could add and modify different forms and practices that would help me heal and be stronger. For example, I went from having osteopenia (weak bones) to having above normal bone density. Martial Arts Center for Health is a friendly place where I can be challenged physically and keep my busy mind focused on nothing but what we are doing in class. It is the perfect stress release. No matter how tired or stressed I am when I push myself to show up, I have always felt relaxed, calm and more energized when I leave. I never feel out of place and it is wonderful to move and laugh. I never run into the “gym talk” of weight, diets or what extreme thing I should do to look a certain way my body will never be. I hear positive encouragement to be strong, focused and relaxed in my body. I feel better about myself than I ever have before no matter what activities I have tried in the past.” “The Martial Arts Center for Health training has helped me help my patients in yet a different way. The philosophy presented dove tails beautifully with my Osteopathic training. It has given me an added dimension of how to help patients recover, strengthen and de-stress. I encourage patients to try Martial Arts Center for Health. Many of the patients who have gone are still students. I feel the martial arts training makes healthier people who need my services less. This is a great gift. I wish more of my patients would reap the benefits of what the Martial Arts Center for Health has to offer.

Laura Rampil, DO – Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine