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Learn how to Defend Yourself at the Martial Arts Center for Health in the Altamonte Area

Learn how to feel more safe and confident in your everyday life through self defense. At the Martial Arts Center for Health we offer self defense classes for all ages, in a safe environment. It’s taught through very beneficial forms of martial arts like Tai Chi and Kung Fu. In other words, you’re not only learning how to defend yourself, but getting healthier and therefore happier.

Self Defense at the Martial Arts Center for Health can make you Happier, Healthier, and Stronger.

That is to say, the forms of tai chi you learn and kung fu you go through help develop other things, like concentration, balance, and coordination. As well as promoting blood-flow and memory, these types of self defense make you feel safer. By building awareness through this training you can see situations coming and know how to deal with them.

Here’s a situation we had a student tell us about how their self defense classes helped them;

“I had the most surreal experience today – an old guy just walked into the grocery store with a large knife. He was just wandering around looking at all of us. I was at the checkout counter, jumped to the employee side, and instantly recalled all of the knife defenses we did at the Martial Arts Center for Health. Mostly the part that you should wrap your arms in something so you don’t get cut. So I grabbed a mat and started thinking through scenarios that might play out.  Fortunately the guy was finally herded out by store employees (shoving grocery carts at him), who then locked the doors after him and called 911. He did leave and was apprehended by the police a few blocks away. 

Prepared or not, I was grateful that because the scenario wasn’t completely unfamiliar, I didn’t freeze. I also ended up getting into a more secure position.  I have never ever imagined being close to a situation in which I would need a knife defense, but I was really grateful first, that it wasn’t necessary today, and second, that there was something in my head to draw upon.”
Karen O.

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