Are you in harmony with yourself and nature? 

When we ask ourselves difficult questions, the answers may give a solution to our pain. 

For many generations the martial arts form of Tai Chi has provided a modality for self defense, health and healing. The definition of self defense, health and healing are always open for interpretation.

Today many individuals and cultures are faced with high levels of fear, stress, and anxiety. The reasons why are not important to the message of this blog. This blog is created to express the actual attainable results an individual can receive by dedication to the practice of self care/defense; Tai Chi. 

Tai Chi movements are practiced in a slow,Smooth, gentle and flowing manner which connect mind and body in a unique way. Many teachers of Tai Chi will give the analogy of how water flows in a river. The continual flow gathers inner energy, growing as it flows. As we know, water brings life and it also has the ability to create extreme power. It takes time to learn Tai Chi forms. One must first go through the basic stances. 

  • Learning placement of the feet, alignment of the major joints, hand positions, simultaneously creating a mental focus on relaxing muscles that hold excess tension and engaging muscles that are designed to hold more weight. Elongating the spine improves posture and creates the space each organ needs for proper functions. The lungs are allowed to take in full amounts of oxygen and expel full amounts of toxins that accumulate in the body. Bone density increases, muscle strength, toning and development is allowed to naturally take place. Because the mind of the individual is occupied with the details mentioned above, outside stress stimulations are greatly reduced, or removed entirely. 

Gaining knowledge that both the mind and body are responding to in a positive way, gives individuals an inner confidence. This empowers individuals on a mental, emotional and physical level. The mind no longer is interested in thoughts that create fear hence anxiety and stress leave. Again this can take time, however, not as much as one who has not experienced Tai Chi might think.