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Slowing Down

Group Martial Arts LessonSLOWING DOWN AT ANY AGE

Societal conditioning creates stressed out individuals whom develop feelings of being inadequate. The pace of life for most is fast. Many individuals are programmed to think they don’t have enough time in the day. People are taught that time is money. Imagine a parent providing a different experience for their child/children; teaching them that slowing down can actually give them a healthy outlook on life and their way of fitting in. That by slowing down they send healthy messages to their brains so positive chemical releases take place in their bodies. Imagine the elderly accepting the aging process as natural and slowing down being a gift instead of a curse of inadequacy. Any age group can benefit from Tai Chi and the benefit of slowing down is the focus of this blog.


Most of us have watched movies or perhaps visited places where individuals or groups are moving through a sequence of steps in what appears to be slow motion. This type of practice is intriguing and captivates the viewer. Tai Chi is often referred to as moving meditation. How can that individual have so much control of their body, still look relaxed and be so flexible? The art of Tai Chi will answer this question and so much more. 


The fast paced life with constant stimulation has an impact on the attention span of humans. The real practice begins by slowing our bodily movements down, creating discipline for the mind to match that pace. Giving oneself permission to bring attention to the breath in each moment sends signals to the brain allowing the chemicals in the body to balance; the mind then lets go of future or passed thoughts and synchronizes into the present moment. This is powerful and highly beneficial when going through sets of Tai Chi positions.


Health benefits are lengthly to list. The science of what happens in moving meditations such as Tai Chi is diverse. We at the Martial Arts Center for Health encourage you to experience this practice first hand with our experienced instructors and take time to investigate the many mental, physical and emotional benefits Tai Chi provides to all age groups.

Giving ones self permission to slow down can be a feat. However, when dedication to personal development becomes a priority, Tai Chi can provide the necessary methodology in the art of slowing down.

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