Are you intrigued by martial arts and the abilities/super powers you can gain? It is true there are many hidden secrets within the martial arts. Glamorizing the abilities humans access in martial arts has captivated our culture for decades. When it comes down to earning the powers available the glamor might disappear and be replaced with the need to be confident, disciplined and balanced. But how?


Whatever age you are, confidence and discipline are valuable. Consistency, energy supply, old programming and personal growth continue at every stage of life. Some statements heard over the years of meeting new students are, “I am the most undisciplined person.” “How do I become disciplined when I have no energy?” “My parents and teachers tell me I am a procrastinator.”  “I am not physically active.” “There is no way I could ever do that.” These statements go on and on.  As a result, people form false belief systems about their natural given abilities as well as distorted views of themselves. Self acceptance, creating positive self dialogue and balanced action becomes the life long battle. All of us humans have the challenges of learning to accept and love ourselves. 


mother and son

Family Bonding

Are you an athletic or a scholastic type? The topic of these “opposites” comes up when people begin doing something new. One beautiful thing about the Martial Arts Center for Health’s programs is, it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a scholastic. We work to break down toxic stereotypes. Our programs support individuals to develop into balanced human beings. As a result, people enrolled at the Martial Arts Center for Health learn skills they can incorporate into their life. Skills that give a healthy approach to physical fitness, stress release, and competition. Being enrolled in this program that tailors consistent personal development; individuals of all ages cultivate discipline. Once a person believes in themselves a unique type of confidence grows. Attaining this type of confidence the individual possess a unique set of tools. Super powers activate making the person capable of applying confidence, discipline, and balance in every area of life. 


The Martial Arts Center for Health has been serving adults and children for 30 years in Central Florida. Customized programs for all ages have developed out of a need. Busy lifestyles, conflicting interests, hectic schedules often spill over in life. As a result couples and parents seek out activities they can do together. Taking time to bond with loved ones holds a high value. Above all we commend individuals seeking out healthy, balanced activities that elevate the spirit. After all, regardless of age, humans are faced with challenges; given opportunities to develop self acceptance and self love. When families find a place in which each member can discover their true self, that is special and that is here.