Children’s Developmental Stages

healthy competition

Balanced Development

How can you give your child an edge when you enroll them in the Martial Arts Center for Health? The benefits and skills experienced will carry over into everyday life. Socializing, mental health, physical health, stress release, music, arts, academics, and sports. As important as they are, the physical skills developed in martial arts are but one part of what our martial arts program offers. Above all,

the Martial Arts Center for Health’s program will expose your child/children to positive experiences revolving around appreciation and respect for life. 

Unhealthy Competition

Unhealthy competition doesn’t give your child/children self confidence, self esteem, or self worth. Because parenting is tough and so is being a child, take the path of least resistance. For instance, take time to know what your child/children’s interest are. This can really help navigating their developmental years. Guide your child in a fun and productive exercise by creating a fun family activity. Write down what each member of the family likes so you can gain knowledge directly from your child. As a result, you now have the answer to find healthy outlets and paths of learning without a fight or power struggle.

Succumbing to peer pressure is something your child/children can overcome without self doubt. Your child will gain skills so they don’t feel compelled to compare themselves with others in unhealthy ways.

Children given knowledge through our program with parental reenforcement are capable of making decisions from a stable base.  This is a form of self defense. Positive reenforcement at home is something every child needs. It gives them the support and confidence they crave.

Martial arts in the developmental stages of childhood offers:



Self Discipline

Self Confidence


Self Control

Builds self esteem


Self defense

Leadership skills

Mental and physical strength

Stress release

Healthy appetite

Self Awareness

Ability to listen to the body

Strong Bones and Muscles