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Screen TIME

How to Balance Screen TIME

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Healthy balance to screen time

Technology has and continues to change the way people learn, function, interact and grow. As a result,  all age groups are faced with the difficultly of creating a healthy balance with screens. Adults themselves are challenged with the balance of screen time.  Consequently guiding children along the path of healthy screen time is a battle cry heard around the world!

Have you thought how life would be right now if the use of a computer wasn’t so necessary? It is kinda like being on planet earth and saying you don’t breathe the air!  Embracing the fact that computers play a vital role in the majority of the world will give oneself personal power. It can help us accept as well as connect with one another. Certainly children know no other way,  frankly neither do many adults. Just think of the new vehicles we appreciate driving around, entertainment at the end of a long day, connecting with family and friends on social media.  Adults have the advantage or disadvantage, depending on your perspective, of knowing what life was like before the technology boom occurred. Therefore, criticizing the device dependency gets us no where. In addition, it creates a huge communication block with young people. Many families are struggling to navigate screens.

Healthy Screen TIME

What does screen time have to do with martial arts? Well, the answer is simple, health. The definition of health is, the state of being free from illness or injury. What is the meaning for health? This is a great article expanding on that exact question. We encourage you to take a few moments to read it now. Martial arts is beneficial to emotional, mental and physical health. A holistic approach to navigating life. The Martial Arts Center for Health’s programs

Balancing oneself with the breath

have been guiding people for 30 years on how to navigate life in a healthy balanced way.

Step Away from the SCREEN

Put the device down and move away slowly, after you finish reading this blog! Human bodies are designed to move. The lymphatic system is a critical system in the circulatory system. Circulated by movement because it doesn’t have a pump. Ones immune health is directly affected by the lymphatic system which needs movement. When a person is in front of a screen they are usually sitting or laying down. Creating a healthy boundary for the amount of time one is sedentary is the key!


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