Human Design

Human design is so complex. The functions of the nervous system taking place from second to second happen unconsciously. Consequently we can carry on throughout our life oblivious to all the bodies miraculous capabilities. Most people don’t seek out an education on the functions/design of the body unless they are going into a medical profession, personally experience a health scare, someone near and dear has health problems or a death occurs. Triggers previously mentioned ignite individuals to seek answers and learn about the bodies functions/design. Do you have trouble relaxing? Ever wondered how your brain operates? Do you have digestive issues? Ever had a head injury? Do you know what CNS, PNS, SNS, or ANS stand for? In the paragraph at the bottom of the page there is a link to answer what these letters stand for. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and learn about your Nervous System.

Simple Yet Powerful

Each class at the Martial Arts Center for Health starts with bringing attention to the breath as well as exercises designed to warm up the major joints, major and minor muscles. Firstly, gain knowledge that’s practical. Secondly, develop easy to remember exercises you can do on your own at home or while traveling.

https://martialartscenterforhealth.com/programs/  Reduce stress, build your immune function, aid your digestion and have a better quality of life by educating yourself about the miraculous body you have. The Nervous System is seeking your attention!

Inner Communication


The above link breaks down the Nervous System. This article explains the complex functions of each part the brain, nerves and cells within. Taking time to familiarize oneself with this system can give a greater awareness to being healthy. When gaining knowledge about the bodies design, one can have an understanding of preventing disease, unhealthy stress, poor digestion and much more.

A balanced Nervous System increases focus