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I am having difficulty writing a review for the Martial Arts Center for Health and have been thinking about this for several months. There really are no words that can describe my experience when in the room with the students and amazing group of instructors. I’ll just start by saying I am a returning student and spent many years there before a series of events pulled me in another direction. I have been back for six months now. What I can tell you is this. I have no more pain. I can walk off a curb without turning to my side. I can jump in my car without thinking about how to do it. I have energy, I have focus, I sleep better, my stress level is at an all time low. I can get off the floor without help. (yes I was that weak)… the list of positives can go on forever. The energy, the instructors, the students, the support system all have made a tremendous difference in my life. I am so grateful I have found my way back to this amazing place. Without hesitation I know my life would have gone down a very difficult slope if my car did not drive me back where I belong. Much love and respect.

Kathleen Blaney

After my wife and I passed our evaluation for 3rd section at the Martial Arts Center for Health (MACH) yesterday, I reflected on where I was after my accident, where I am, and where I plan to be. We take so much for granted. We never know what we have until we don’t. We never understand what we can do until we can’t. The Lord works in many different ways with whom and when he introduces individuals into our lives. A big thank you to Warren and Prebble Bonett for introducing me to the Martial Arts Center for Health and the instructors. These instructors are beyond amazing, truly caring, understanding, patient and concerned about your wellness and well being. Am I pain free, no, not yet, but I can do so much more than what I could. My mental health, concentration, strength throughout my body and flexibility have all improved. And I swung a golf club the other day for the first time in 2 years, granted with a little fear and only several swings, but it’s a start back. With the continued help and attention from the Martial Arts Center for Health, I know I’ll be able to resume things that I was once able to do.

Anyone looking to improve their lives in the upcoming year, do yourself a favor and stop by the Martial Arts Center for Health in Altamonte Springs and listen to what they can help you with. It’s far and away more than what any gym has to offer and can do for you.

Todd Speak

“Eva from the Martial Arts Center for Health was a wonderful new addition to our Work Life Balance lunch and learn program. She brought a fantastic energy from the moment she walked in the door. She provided educational background on the benefits of martial arts and shared her personal story of finding martial arts as an outlet for health and healing. Eva ended our program with demonstrations and moves that our associates could perform at home or at work to provide relief at any time. I would recommend Eva, and the Martial Arts Center for Health, to any company who would like to introduce a new type of wellness to their employees. “

Rosen Wellness Coordinator

I just wanted to say that my son Emilio and I really enjoyed class last night. Truly remarkable instructors and people. It gives us great joy to be a part of such a wonderful martial arts studio. We thank you for the wonderful explanations you give during our exercises and techniques, your patience and great attitude. God Bless you and everyone affiliated with the Martial Arts Center for Health and Wellness.”

Greg Velazquez