ONE Mind ~ Body ~ Life


I am a 60-year-old psychiatrist who has been active and interested in physical fitness my whole life. I was referred to the Martial Arts Center for Health by a physician friend who noted my poor flexibility and posture when I consulted her regarding treatment of chronic shoulder pain. In the first 6 months of coming to the Martial Arts Center for Health, I experienced markedly improved flexibility, coordination, balance, and physical strength beyond what I’d been able to attain in the past which is continuing to improve 5 1/2 years later. In my line of work, I am exposed to the stress of others and large doses of negativity daily. The program has enhanced my own stress tolerance, making it truly a mind-body experience that impacts multiple facets of life. Also important to me is the sense of community among the students whose goal is also to improve their bodies and minds.

Jeff K. DO – Psychiatrist

I have been going to the Martial Arts Center for Health for about 4 months. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2009, and my doctors have all said I should be doing physical exercise, especially weight bearing exercise. I have never been able to stick to an exercise program in my life. Either I got bored within weeks or I would injure myself by being over enthusiastic. But I absolutely love this place! The instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and enthusiastic. The program challenges my body and my mind, and I leave every class loving it more each time. The one-on-one attention you receive from all the instructors is unprecedented, and the program is easily adapted to each participant. The studio is beautiful and welcoming, the other students are friendly and helpful, and there are so many people here who have been going for years and years. This is a testament to the success of this program and the kind and wonderful people who work here. I hope to be a member for years to come.

Kristie B
Can’t say enough good things about the Martial Arts Center for Health. I joined to rehab my knee from a torn ACL but I found their program went well beyond that…. I have increased my flexibility, strength and balance in an amazing environment since joining seven months or so ago! My knee is better than ever and highly recommend the Martial Arts Center for Health.
Tony G
Kids’ Class !!! My 9 year old son has been studying martial arts at the Martial Arts Center for Health for about 9 months. He is hooked and recently told me that he wants to “dive deep” into his martial arts training with the Martial Arts Center for Health. The kids’ classes at MACH are invaluable! I particularly appreciate the mutual respect between instructors and students at MACH and also the fact that there is a strong focus on safety, education, health and self-defense without aggression. Instructors and students demonstrate respect, dignity and humility while at the same time the students gain a sense of self worth, build strength and skill and learn how to fend for themselves. Let me offer my son’s perspective in his own words: “I really like the form and how it’s connected to the body; each movement that you do is connected to the body in some different way. We learn all about the bones and the organs and we learn about muscles and the anatomy. We learn different things about breathing. Before each class we sit and breathe, then we have a warm up, we learn kicks and blocks … I’ve gotten much better reflexes for sure, because he challenges us. He would never actually hit us but with the tip of the pad, he goes for our face, and we have to block up or block down or block back because sometimes he circles around us and we have to just stay in one place. If you can’t do something at first, it’s OK, you learn. They build you up mentally and make you stronger.” When I was looking for a place for my son to study martial arts, I was particularly interested in a place where I knew he would be safe, he would be treated with kindness and respect and he would learn discipline and self-defense without being taught to be angry or aggressive. I found the place. I recommend The Martial Arts Center for Health without reservation for adults and children!
Smruti J