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As an update one year later, I have lost 25 pounds no longer required to take blood pressure medication which is extraordinarily prevalent in my family. I’m still prone to it if my body is under unusual stress like a recent vertigo episode. Once the vertigo left, my blood pressure went back normal of course! That could have happened to anyone!

My Lupus flare-ups are now rare and minimal – especially with a huge reduction of the chronic fatigue associated with it ( I’m still able to attend class on an occasional “so-so day”) In contrast, my fatigue used to put me out for days!
Also, My body is better conditioned today than it was 20 years ago when I worked out regularly at the gym at the age of 25! I’m not claiming this pathway is a magic bullet. It takes a love for the activity and a lot of hard work. I fit it into my schedule 5 days a week as a single mom! Its in my routine as concrete as a job and cooking dinners. No room for excuses in my life. The money Im saving in health costs alone is worth my investment of time and tuition.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be involved with martial arts. Someone else set up an appointment for me for my birthday! I wasn’t looking for this at all!
Once you see a free demonstration from one of our masterful instructors who are always willing to share (and by the way they are ALL compassionate, kind and sooo funny! Lots of laughter in this space), that will be the moment when you say to yourself…
“That is too cool for words and I want to do that too”.
There is nothing to lose when our instructors will meet with you for free. It makes for a unique birthday gift, thats for sure! In my case, a life long gift I will be forever grateful for. (Disclosure: If I sound like Im in the sales industry, be assured I am not. This is MY heart felt testimony that describes only my experience. Many more people need this, they just don’t know it yet.)

Sandy Esteves

MACH is a great place to develop overall physical conditioning, balance, coordination, endurance and mental focus. The instructors meet with each student individually to determine their goals and learn about any physical limitations or conditions a student may have. MACH is a friendly, non-competitive school where the focus is directed at health. The owners, Thomas and Eva Curtin have created a beautiful space where anyone who is willing, regardless of their age or physical condition, can improve their health and have fun doing it. The roots of the martial arts traditions are respected yet facilitated for the 21st century. As an older student (age 57) who has never participated in martial arts I was concerned about my ability to do well but with the patience and encouragement of the instructors I have made excellent progress. Each week at MACH is new adventure and I’m never bored as the program is always changing. The instructors strive to educate the students about the forms they are learning so classes at MACH aren’t just about physical development but also a learning opportunity. They’re always offering to help students with any questions they may have and know how to help students move past their comfort zones in a safe manner. At the time I enrolled in MACH I had either stopped or greatly reduced the activities I had enjoyed in the past, including bike riding, hiking, swimming and landscaping due to joint pain I was experiencing and lack of endurance. I’m now back to doing the things I enjoy and don’t suffer from joint pain. Not only has my overall physical condition improved but I feel more confidence in my ability to take on new challenges.

Mike Maldonado

MACH is a one-of-a-kind Martial Arts Center. The instructors are kind, friendly, patient, very knowledgeable and non-judgmental. The studio is beautiful and peaceful. But the icing on the cake is the results! After all, that is what we are seeking. I started with MACH only 2 months ago, participating 3 – 4x a week in their Introductory Program. This past weekend, while celebrating my little grandson’s birthday, I found myself sitting on the floor playing with him – with no support; and getting up from the floor with very little effort (even while holding the baby!). I didn’t even realize it until later . . .but I didn’t need any kind of support to lean against at all – – which has not happened for several years. I was using my own body strength easily, effortless and without even thinking about it! After only 2 months! I just joined their Complete Health Program and cannot wait to experience the improvements coming my way!! Thank you MACH!!!

Vicki Kordel

My husband and I started going to the MACH a year ago. The strength, balance and friendships we have built is amazing. I have always had low back pain, especially when doing strenuous tasks. Well last weekend I pressure washed the entire pool area, driveway and sidewalks with no back pain. This is amazing to me! Thank you to our MACH family!

Darlene Stevens