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Increase your Child’s Confid...

Increase your Child’s Confidence at the Martial Arts Center for Health

Martial Arts at the Martial Arts Center for Health is for everyone. From children to adults, everyone benefits in many ways. Kids need a way to develop themselves, their confidence, and self-esteem, and martial arts is a great way to do that. The classes also help kids to learn about anatomy, while in most schools […]

Gain Confidence through Self Defen...

Gain Confidence through Self Defense at the Martial Arts Center for Health

A lot of people are unconfident with their ability to protect themselves, which can lead to fear. With self defense, you’ll be able to have more faith in yourself and grow your confidence every day. This leads to having a better feeling with yourself, as well as feel good with your body. Self defense, like […]

Learn how to Defend Yourself at th...

Learn how to Defend Yourself at the Martial Arts Center for Health in the Altamonte Area

Learn how to feel more safe and confident in your everyday life through self defense. At the Martial Arts Center for Health we offer self defense classes for all ages, in a safe environment. It’s taught through very beneficial forms of martial arts like Tai Chi and Kung Fu. In other words, you’re not only […]

Improve Balance, Concentration, Bl...

Improve Balance, Concentration, Blood-flow, and improve Memory with Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of exercise that focuses on deep breathing and meditation. It’s shown to increase memory and balance, as well as help to focus and improve coordination. It’s an exercise that doesn’t deal with harsh movements and strain, it’s more relaxed and gentle. Also, it can be done by anyone at any […]

Improve Flexibility and your Immun...

Improve Flexibility and your Immune System with Kung Fu at the Martial Arts Center for Health

Kung Fu, like Tai Chi, is an ancient form of Martial Arts that’s used by many for the health benefits. However, while Tai Chi is good for weight loss and stress reduction, Kung Fu is good for that too, but they’re done at different paces, and it’s very useful for blood circulation and your immune […]

Martial Arts Center for Health 202...

Martial Arts Center for Health 2020 Kids Program in the Orlando Area

“There’s so much I can tell you of the benefits of the Martial Arts Center for Health, but I’d rather you hear it firsthand from parents and their kids that have actually experienced the knowledge and integrity of the instructors, the positive, loving environment, and the exceptional students.”-Tom Curtin, Owner with 30 years teaching experience […]