ONE Mind ~ Body ~ Life


I cannot say enough good things about this Center. This has been a life-altering experience for me. I have been attending classes for over a year now, and am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and expertise of the owners and their employees. This is a great place to build your body, mind, and total balance in a non-competitive environment, while also relieving stress.

Nissim Astrouck

Great instructors and environment. Has helped me immensely with back and flexibility issues. I highly recommend. Much more beneficial than going to a gym. A program I can follow as I age.

Scott Miller

Words fall short but I’ll use them anyway. This center, with it’s wonderful instructors, has profoundly impacted the lives of my entire family in ways that are priceless! Specific to the kids program, my two children, over the past two and a half years, have been growing in the areas of concentration, respect, self control, physical fitness, awareness, self defense and more. I see these skills making positive changes in all aspects of their lives – (school, home, peers, with each other, etc). It is a safe environment for them to be themselves as they learn. They love each one of their instructors and view them, as well as their fellow students, as extended family and friends. I will not be taking them out of this program as long as they are minors under my care. There is so much wonderful growth and potential ahead for them – it is worth it!!

Linda R.

I found the Martial Arts Center for Health for my son, mainly for the NO contact rule. Being a single parent I knew he needed something. Well he received a whole lot more! He gained confidence, determination and respect for himself and others. While watching his body and mind change I decided that maybe I would try it out. Here it is 12+ years later and I continue to practice at MACH! At 57, I feel stronger, more confident, patient, loving and an awareness of myself that I have never had before. There is much more than martial arts too! There are seminars (beach seminars are the BEST!), events, demonstrations, picnics, workshops and precious friendships just to name a few. I recently attended a Healthy Habits Workshop where I am learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle by what I put into my body. The owners, Thomas & Eva Curtin and the Instructors truly care about each and every one of us. If you or someone you know is looking for a positive, caring environment to improve your health and so much more, I recommend the Martial Arts Center for Health!

Barbara Cooley