ONE Mind ~ Body ~ Life


Timing is important for this, I say, since I just celebrated my 3 year anniversary since joining the Martial Arts Center for Health in August 2016.
In my line of work dealing with management of risks, metrics play a key role, since one can measure and compare a scenario from an existing or starting point, if you will, to a point in time forward when you decide to re-measure or compare the “before” to the “after”.
When I joined MACH 3 years ago, I did so because my overall health, physical and mental, was not good. I was obese, with very limited range of motion, poor balance and, very limited stamina. These issues coupled with a stressful job managing others, was really taking a toll on my physical and mental health. Even though I joined MACH, I did not envision much would change for my physical or, mental health. But, I was wrong to doubt that my overall health could change for the better.
I do admit that it took a leap of faith and commitment on my part, mentally and physically, before I began to recognize how out of shape I was and how long I had allowed myself to look the other way. I once heard someone state that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expect a different result. Well, in my case that was true, until the day came when I decided to reconnect and reacquaint myself with my body (and limitations). This is precisely where the instructors at the Martial Arts Center for Health, took on a very special role in my journey back to becoming a healthier me.  In total I have lost 30+ pounds, increased my energy and stamina tremendously, and equally important, re-discovered confidence in me that I had lost a long time ago.
Don’t get me wrong, this requires a renewed commitment to participate in the classes, daily for some, for me 2-3 times a week has become doable and an enjoyable time that I set aside to help myself mentally and physically. After all, what could be more important!?
So, thank you, the Martial Arts Center for Health Team, for not giving up on me. I am looking forward to the 6th Section Evaluation on October 5th!!
Tony P

I learned about how wonderful this place is from friend of mine that’s been going to the Martial Arts Center for Health for many years and really benefited a lot from it. I was going through a difficult time in my life and thought this might be a good way to help me get through it. That ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made! The atmosphere here is very friendly and welcoming. It’s been great learning a different way to improve my health and with people I now call my friends. The instructors do their best to give you lots of individual attention to put you at ease and as you learn all the variations of the martial arts they teach. I’ve been here almost a year and my body is a lot more toned and stronger. This is the most optimal place to care of yourself in all aspects. I feel like this the best preventative care for me as I age. It really is a center for health. I wish I would have started here a long time ago. Even though I’m a very health oriented person, it’s taken that to a whole new level.  The variety of what they teach is way beyond what I expected and I love it all! I go almost daily. As an entrepreneur for over 20 years with a busy and varied schedule I like the multiple class times and feel this is the best medicine to manage stress. I really enjoy the people who come here and along with the exercise, I have made a lot of friends.

If you’re looking for a nice addition to your life and you’re considering martial arts, please give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Janet M

“I was surprised at how effective the techniques were. A lot of the movements I learned were simple but effective. All I had to do to prove that the movements were effective was to gently tap my own face. I know I would be safe walking around  by myself. I have the confidence to go out when and where I want. It made me more aware of my surroundings. Everyone had fun learning the techniques together. Our group had fun on the punching bag.  The teachers explained the techniques clearly and safely.”

Susan W ~ Self Defense Workshop

 I have been going to the Martial Arts Center for Health for about nine months. I was nervous about learning martial arts because of many serious injuries that I sustained in a car accident. These injuries included becoming easily fatigued, muscle weakness and poor balance.

My private instructor developed a lesson plan that was made just for me.  The lessons have helped me overcome my limitations.  After a few lessons of learning moves and holding the positions I became stronger and improved my balance. I have better posture and I can now stand up straight.

The most important thing I have achieved at the Martial Arts Center for Health is a huge increase in my self confidence.

Bill R ~ Private Lessons